Manufacturer and Supplier of Thermal grease, also called thermal paste or thermal compound

Thermal Paste manufacturer

HEATGO offers wide range of thermal compound depends upon application demand & use, we had designed thermal compounds depend upon requirements of thermal conductivity. & temperatures. HEATGO thermal compounds  remains intact and in-place over the full operable life of your hardware.

 Key Features of Thermal Paste compound


1) HEATGO#HV:   High Viscosity Thermal Paste Compound

EHV is an extreme high viscosity thermal compound made for critical applications where demand of application is high viscosity. This offers long term adherence to metal surface & constant viscosity range over wide temperature range. No viscosity drops even extremely high temperatures even 5500C & no high temperature thermal degradations.

2) HEATGO#HV: High Viscosity Thermal Paste compound

Specially designed high viscosity thermal compound which offers easy applicability.  HV grade thermal compound offer long term thermal stability over wide temperature ranges. It offers stable & constant viscosity at variable temperatures.

3) HEATGO#MV: Medium Viscosity Thermal Paste compound 

MV is general purpose medium viscosity thermal compound designed for medium to high temperature applications. Compatible with almost all types of metals, non metals & offer excellent stability over the years

Service Life – 5 Years

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